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I can't hardly believe it's been over a month since I posted a journal--I didn't want to inundate you with all my personal quirks (too late!). I've been too busy to notice them much, much less find words to type to accurately complain about them. LOL!

Oh well, the mechanics of living are the same for all of us with variations on the same theme (some really big differences if you're of the female persuasion) with the cycles of day and night dominating our agendas. Mine seem to run together--as in now, typing out a journal when I should be sleeping. :)

I'll be brief though. (LIAR!) I did get the new truck and it's the first new truck I've ever had to drive in my 35+ year career. It's number is 339 and that is what it will be known as for now. It's plain white. Not a bad looking truck but it does look like about 100 others in the fleet so there's not much to compare it to. It runs...ok. Nothing special, nothing a fella could brag about 'How faaaaast this truck can go' (with apologies to Red Sovine) It has a pretty severe ride to go along with the Iron Maiden seat--which a replacement has been ordered. Let's face it, if you spend 80+ hours a week sitting in a seat, you'd want it to be somewhat comfortable and not, say, sitting balanced on the small end of a baseball bat with a doily for cushioning while the severe ride has its way with your tender bits :doh:

It's got a pretty good stereo--mandatory as I have a rather extensive collection of new fangled iPod for this old skool driver ;) I haven't got it quite figured out as there are a lot of functions with the stereo that I've never seen or will ever have any use for like bluetooth, usb, the iPod function thingie and it has folders (?) for something (my hope that those folders contain Lois Lane or Farrah Fawcett circa 1980, but not only have I not figured out how to open those folders, I fear they are joke folders and either Don Rickles or Phyllis Diller will pop out :fear:)

339 has a pretty nice interior and it smells pretty good (Mmm! New truck smell!) but that will fade pretty quickly with the sweaty heat of summer-AC or no AC, broiling an overweight truck driver in 100 degree heat while he unloads lime products 70 miles from the nearest shower usually results in an assault on the olfactory senses of Biblical proportions :doh:

There are some other issues to deal with on this truck, but they will only be dealt with over time :shrug: Freightliner didn't have guys with a 27" inseam in mind when they designed the steps, for instance, and that seat problem has already been dealt with as a new, umm...WIDER seat has been ordered. :iconfatlaplz: Some mechanical bugs have popped up and are being dealt with though they are warranty issues and will probably take next to forever to iron out.

In all, I guess it's an OK ride but as I said, nothing special and certainly nothing that would hang in anyone's memory (I found it easy to not think about 339 even once this weekend). I'm sure, eventually, I'll post a picture of it but for now, it hasn't earned that privilege. In fact, my camera still sits on it's tripod in the back bedroom where it has product photography duty for my ebay biz and hasn't seen the inside of a truck since last fall. I won't be naming this one until if and when it earns a name.

So, that's about it--kinda long winded, unimpressive and not very interesting, but that's what my professional life has become where trucks are concerned :laughing: 3 weeks so far and just under 8,000 miles.

Until the next time! Keep the shiny side up! :lol:

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I live in Western South Dakota with my wife (a Minnesota transplant, but I don't hold that against her :XD: ) and cat, Pouncer. I'm a truck driver, writer, photographer and appreciator of all kinds of art.




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